Thermopylae and Lincoln’s War of Aggression, All in the Same Piece

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I’ve previously lauded Kurt Hofmann, “St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner”  — as in “columnist,” not “Leviathan’s unconstitutional inspector” — and must do so again, given his article today on a poll WorldNetDaily/Wenzel conducted. Said survey “[found] that only 20 percent of American gun owners would surrender their firearms if ordered to by the government (although an additional 16 percent claimed to be ‘unsure’ –probably not the sort who would be determined enough to face the consequences of defying such an order).” Mr. Hofmann masterfully explores the implications behind those figures.

The piece is worth the read just for the illustration accompanying it, let alone Mr. Hofmann’s fine analysis:

You're going to need a bigger army of jackbooted thugs

(Thanks to Bill Martin for the heads’ up on Kurt’s latest.)

9:39 am on March 21, 2013