There’s That Pesky ‘New World Order’ Phrase Again

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Premier Establishment mouthpiece Henry Kissinger discusses with premier Establishment media talking head (the insufferable) Charlie Rose all of the global “problems” (created, of course, by Kissinger’s Master) that need a global “solution.” There are the usual fear-mongering suspects: global “terrorism,” global “financial crises,” global “health epidemics,” global “warming.” The two Establishment sock puppets talk about these purposely created non-problems as crises that offer a new opportunity for…hmmm…I “wonder” what? Why, of course, a Final Solution (pun most certainly intended)—One World Government. But the two Establishment sock puppets would never actually use the phrase “One World Government.” The Final Solution is always affectionately referred to as a “New World Order.”

MEMO TO DAVID ROCKEFELLER: Did your office send out Henry’s check for this RSA* yet?

[Thanks to Daniel Lazar]
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5:20 am on April 2, 2011