There They Go Again!

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The neocons, as usual, are blaming everybody else.

Today, it’s Tony Blankley, consummate war supporter, complaining about Peggy Noonan and a host of other New York frauds who are dissing McCain-Palin (also frauds).

Since this is a constant theme in Neo-land, what original line does Tony bring to his charge? Why, this is the “Me Too” message of the old FDR days! No, no no, not McCain (do not look at the man behind the curtain) — Tony means his critics. McCain and Obama have a lot more in common than Tony will admit, but he’s interested in power – that is, keeping him and his neocon pals in charge of something — why not the carcass of the GOP? — once Obama rolls into town. So Tony’s out to separate himself from the disaster he has long supported.

McCain is almost – just not quite – as socialist as Obama. THERE is “me-too-ism.”

And Tony never, ever mentions Bush. He can’t bring himself to admit that the Obama wave flows from the revulsion that many millions of Americans have for George Bush’s left-wing conservatism — war, spending, and rewards for the super-rich bankers and defense contractors.

Tony supported it all. So beware swallowing his swill here — he is only doing what neocons do by second nature:

They all blame somebody else.

7:23 am on October 22, 2008