Then They Came For the Prosecutors….

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Prosecutors in New Jersey have a long history of abuse, playing by their own rules, and (of course) always getting away with their dishonest actions, since the courts for the most part have covered for the worst of the bunch. However, it seems that the state’s prosecutors have been a bit too successful in their relentless pursuit of gun owners, as an appeals court in New Jersey has ruled that retired prosecutors are “not entitled the same concealed carry permits afforded retired law enforcement officers.”

The following is quite rich, given the calumny prosecutors and lawmakers in that state have declared about so-called civilian gun ownership:

The case was brought forth by Giles Casaleggio, current deputy attorney general and former assistant prosecutor in several New Jersey counties. Casaleggio, asserted that, as a former assistant criminal prosecutor, he is entitled to a concealed carry permit under the aforementioned legislation, also believing the carry permit is necessary for his personal safety. The aim of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act is to provide law enforcement officers – who face a unique set of dangers associated with their profession – the means to protect themselves and their families from criminals.

In other words, the courts have ruled that prosecutors are on their own when facing criminals, and they should not expect any protection from the “officer-safety” obsessed New Jersey police. The irony is too rich to imagine; people who have lived by their own rules now are going to made vulnerable by the very laws they brutally and dishonestly enforced against “mere mundanes.”

6:23 am on March 16, 2013