“then they came for lewrockwell.com bloggers…”

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It seems that things are starting to really heat up over at the Federal Gunvernment. Faux (Fox) News reports that comments made by readers at the far-&#147right”* website Infowars.com are getting some of them into a lot of hot water. After Alex Jones published an article condemning the Health Care Deform Bill, many of his readers got a little too bold in their reactions to the bill.

“A federal probe has been launched into the comments. “We are actively investigating all threats made against IRS employees,” J. Russell George, treasury inspector general for tax administration, said in a statement to FoxNews.com Tuesday morning.”

The good news is that there probably is nothing much the gunvernment can do about the comments. And the gunvernment is starting to worry that the health care bill could be the tipping point for what I’m presuming is a revolution—or perhaps just mass violent protest. (My own advice is to take the Gandhi approach. The Feds are always looking for an excuse to shoot someone. Why give them one?)

[Thanks to Chris Ciancio]
*Yep. I know a lot of far-&#147right” people who want to re-legalize recreational drugs and support the right of gay people to marry. Alex Jones is a Libertarian.

11:35 am on March 31, 2010