The World’s Greatest Bookstore to Close

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Loome’s Antiquarian Booksellers in Stillwater, Minnesota is closing at the end of the year. Stillwater sits on the fabulous St. Croix, just Northeast of St. Paul, and it has been known as America’s Booktown. Loome’s provides books for the discerning reader, and it can no longer compete with Amazon and the used book market on the Internet, so it must close its beautiful and huge store in downtown Stillwater in December of 2007. If you live anywhere near Minneapolis/St. Paul and love books, make the drive because Loome’s is selling all of its books (excluding its rare book collection) at 50% off (excluding Internet sales). I have never seen a bookstore with such a marvelous selection of books that includes: Mises, Rothbard, Belloc, Chesterton, Orwell, William Lloyd Garrison, American & Brit Lit, Modern Library, Evelyn Waugh, Mencken, Nabokov, James J. Martin, Frank Chodorov, and’s Robert Higgs and Tom DiLorenzo. I had once bought a very old copy of God’s Gold at Loome’s. I even spied a book by Condy Roguet at Loome’s.

4:22 pm on October 25, 2007