The West’s Extortionate Demands on Russia Cover A Deeper Agenda

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Extortion is “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats”. The Western states are attempting extortion on Putin and Russia with their sanctions. This is Mafia behavior at the level of states.

Here’s an example in today’s headlines:

‘”A brand-new and positive act on Russia’s part is needed to avoid an increase in sanctions,’ said Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini after meeting with her EU counterparts today in Brussels. “That is the state of play.”‘

We are told

“Russia’s financial sector faced further pressure as the European Union threatened to restrict the nation’s access to capital markets and sensitive energy and defense technologies unless President Vladimir Putin expedites the probe into the downing of Malaysian Air flight 17 over eastern Ukraine.”

Not only are the Western states engaging in extortion, their extortion demands on Putin make assumptions about him and his power that are out of touch with the realities. In this instance, he has already called for an international investigation.

Because of this repeated disconnect between Western demands and realities, it’s increasingly clear that the U.S. and the EU have their own agenda, interests and game plan, no matter what Putin says or does. Although extortion is no way for any states to behave, at the same time the West’s extortionate demands are only part of a bigger effort to degrade Putin and Russia. The U.S. really doesn’t care if Putin does exactly what they want or not. They’ll find some new pretext anyway to ratchet up their demands.

1:04 pm on July 22, 2014