The Western Pattern Diet

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Many people refer to the modern diet of convenience as the SAD (Standard American Diet). However, I always refer to the food system that produces the SAD as the Industrial Food Machine. There is nothing uniquely American about this diet at all. These foods are created by the industrial system. The industrial machine is churning out what I call ‘chemicals laced with food.’ The designation “American” is used because America had the industrial infrastructure to produce these foods, though many of them did not even originate here. Our industrial system has been very efficient with food production while it is heavily backed by a political subsidy scheme, so America is really the first country to fully embrace the lifestyle of eating inexpensive, processed crap that takes little or no preparation time. The term Western Pattern Diet would be a more accurate description of what has actually taken place.

However, this industrial diet is no longer uniquely American. Due to the efficiency of our production and distribution channels, we have exported our convenience food ways all over the world. Add to that the American political machinations that support and maintain an omnipotent corporate state (system of government-business alliances), and you have a mega-industrial organism that is fully supported by the power of government decrees.

5:28 pm on January 11, 2013