The War Street Journal

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The War Street Journal slams Rand Paul for his “drone rant.” And also lies in doing so: “The U.S. killed him [Anwar al-Awlaki] in Yemen before he could kill more Americans.” The evidence that he killed anyone doesn’t exist. Is he a “bad” person? I suppose. But since when should bad people be killed for being bad? And what about the murder of his son? Of course, it would have been better had Senator Paul said during his “rant” that by killing people lawlessly with drones Obama is a murdererer and should be impeached. The problem is that too many Republicans have no problem with drones at all.

From MH, “Your post reminded me of this scene in “A Man for All Seasons,” wherein Thomas More, his daughter and future son-in-law discuss the just-departed schemer Richard Rich”:

Margaret More: “Father, that man’s bad.”

More: There’s no law against that.

Roper: There is: God’s law.

More: Then God can arrest him.

6:03 am on March 8, 2013