The War on (Some) Drugs Is Immoral, Reason #3926

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An article in the Vancouver Sun provides yet another testimony to the truth that many of us have known for some time—the War on (Some) Drugs causes violence.  States the author, “And in a paper released today, the researchers note that 13 out of 15 studies found that drug law enforcement was associated with increasing levels of drug-market violence.” (Emphasis added.)  But of course! Prohibition leads to violence as previously-legal and completely voluntary transactions go underground.  The real problem, and this was a problem from the start, is:  If my body is mine—really mine—then what I do with it or put into it via injection, nasal passage, or suppository is the legitimate business of no one else.  Once that moral truth is understood, the statistics are but icing; fun facts to know and tell.

1:30 pm on March 23, 2010