The Unforeseeable Future

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From A to Z, the imagination marvels at the prospects for our collective future.

Will it be “A” for Argentina, with the Japanese seizing our warships in Okinawa for defaulting on our loans?

And who will be our Evita — Michelle? Hillary? Or the Dark Horse, the Very Dark Janet, with her billion rounds of hollow-point ammo reserved for domestic use by her Bokanovsky-ized  Epsilons in the BlueShirt Brigades?

Or will it be “Z” for Zimbabbleway, with bundles of shiny new ten million dollar bills with the hastily-applied rubber-stamped “$10 Billion” for the “Cash Only” line at Wal-Mart?

And who will be our Mugabe — Barry? Bill? Or the Dark Horse Bloomingbird?

Wow. History is such fun. And it hasn’t even happened yet!

11:51 am on November 2, 2012