The UK’s Internet Big Brother Plan

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Not happy with wanting to know all about your travels, the UK’s Home Office now wants to monitor your web 2.0 life by requiring social networks such Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MySpace and others, to save data about all conversations.

“We have no way of knowing whether Osama bin Laden is chatting to Abu Hamza on Facebook. Or terrorists could be having a four-way chat on Skype,” he [a spokesman for the Home Office] said.

He said the government was not interested in the contents of the communication: “What we want to monitor is that so-and-so is logged on to that site and spoke to so-and-so. It’s the who, when and where, not the content.”

I for one am very relieved that the content is of no interest to them.

Oh wait: “But he conceded that in “high-profile cases” the police would want to examine the contents of social network chatter. “The security service would want the ability to capture information that could lead to conviction,” he said.”

Security FYOG.

8:25 pm on March 25, 2009