The U.S. Armed Forces Never Starts Wars

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Actually, this bumper sticker has four lines:

U.S. Armed Forces
We Don’t Start Wars
We Finish Them
Support Our Troops

The reader who sent this to me says: “I believe a multitude of people in a number of countries would beg to differ.”

I am getting more and more e-mails from people who believe this bumper sticker even if they have never seen it. “Stop criticizing the soldiers,” they say, “it is the fault of the politicians not the soldiers.” Sounds like it is time for a new article on this subject. In the mean time I will say this: did any members of Congress, the commander in chief, the Sec. of Defense, or members of the Joint Chiefs invade Iraq or Afghanistan? I didn’t think so. But soldiers were told to go and fight; they had no choice. Really? Is that what you will say when they are told to level your neighborhood in search of guns? I didn’t think so. Of course they had a choice. They choose to be a mercenary to get whatever benefits the recruiter told them they would get.

Update: A reader sends me the Iraqi version:

U.S. Armed Forces

We Don’t Finish Wars

We Start Them

Support Imperial Colonialism

2:51 pm on January 23, 2013