The Two-Minute Hate Against Massa

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Writes a friend:

It’s fascinating to watch the coordinated MSM pileup on Rep. Eric Massa. How many congresscritters could be forced out of office on this or that accusation, with a custom-ordered media frenzy to follow, all the Operation Mockingbird-style media drones hitting the same themes?

Probably a lot of them, which is how the corrupt establishment likes it. If one won’t vote the way they want, he’s gone in a heartbeat. Which doesn’t excuse Massa’s behavior — it only shows how selective and strategic the manufactured media outrage is.

Notice also how this strikes at the concept of “consent of the governed” — Massa was elected as his district’s representative, but if a handful of political and media insiders can force out whoever they want, then there is no consent of the governed and we don’t live in a democracy. Which is true.

6:49 am on March 10, 2010