The TSA Is Like the Weather: We Don’t Like It, but Don’t Do Anything About It

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So, now The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg has seen his 79-year-old mother-in-law humiliated by the TSA and he doesn’t like it. Yet, while he excoriates the TSA, something we have seen for the millionth time in the media, we don’t see any of the Progressive journalists, including Goldberg, who claim to be outraged taking the next logical step: asking why this agency exists in the first place.

Almost all mainstream journalists are Progressives and those who went to journalism school (like me) were regaled in their classes with stories about the Holy Muckrakers who supposedly uncovered corruption and evil — in capitalism, of course. Government, more government, and more powerful and less-accountable government, was the answer, we were told, and it was our job as journalists to spread the Good Government Gospel.

So, even while the TSA engages in outright sexual misconduct, even though they brutalize young children, because there supposedly is a “need” for this agency, the mainstream media by not calling for the elimination of this evil agency simply give it more legitimacy. In the Progressive mindset, you see, all government agencies are created because of a vital “need,” and once they are created, they can never be permitted to be eliminated. Their existence is proof of their legitimacy.

10:47 am on May 1, 2012