The TSA Is Cracking: Increase the Pressure!

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We are making progress against the TSA and the police state. Airlines, hotels, etc. are worried about people refusing to fly, and Commissar Janet Napolitano and the rest of the police state apparat are deeply worried. This Reuters story, like the rest of the MSM, plays down (i.e., lies about) the true nature of the naked, irradiating scanners, and the genital gropes and, for women, breast feel-ups and twisting. The MSM, as adjuncts of the State, always disguise the real reasons for such national-socialist measures: to control, humiliate, intimidate, and condition us to abject obedience. We are the cattle, they are the overlords. But we can resist. We can revolt. We can rebuild our freedom. We only have to withdraw our consent.  So keep up, and indeed increase, the pressure on the TSA. To make us safer, it must be abolished.

10:36 am on November 12, 2010