The TSA: Gun-, Passenger-, and Pilot-Control

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The TSA has apprehended yet another heinous criminal, this time at the airport in Buffalo, NY. Brett Dieter, a 52-year-old commercial pilot from Barbersville, Virginia, joins many of his passengers who’ve become political prisoners for trying to carry guns aboard their flights.

As far as the passengers go, they’ve typically forgotten the pistol in their briefcase or bag. No matter: the TSA crows as though its goons have just discovered Al Qaeda’s newest recruit, not an absent-minded businessman protecting himself when he picked up rent or delivered his payroll the night before. Government pretends these innocents are terrorists, even in the absence of any crime or motivation and though they never made it near any plane. And it ruins their lives accordingly while stealing their weapons.

In Mr. Dieter’s case, he actually did take his “Smith & Wesson revolver … loaded with five rounds” aboard multiple flights — seven of them, in fact.

Never mind that guns are so effective at protecting aircraft (and everything else) that even the Feds have admitted as much with a program they call “Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO).” Never mind that this allows pilots willing to kowtow to Our Rulers via “background checks, training … and periodic gun proficiency tests and retraining” to exercise their natural right of self-defense (while turning other armed pilots who haven’t kowtowed into prey for the police-state). And never mind that Mr. Dieter’s gun didn’t magically discharge, nor did it bring down even a single one of his seven flights. He defied Our Rulers — sorry, imperiled the ole Homeland and must be punished. “In today’s day and age,” thundered U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr., “we simply can’t afford to have anyone ignore these important regulations, all of which are designed to protect the traveling public [sic for ‘designed to disarm the traveling public’].”

Sit on it, Bill. While you’re sucking up our taxes and railroading the productive, Mr. Dieter provides a valuable service to people hoping to travel from Point A to B. And he was willing to throw in protection as well. It’s typical of the State that you’re hoping to cage this man for 10 years while extorting $250,000 from him.

You’re the criminal, Bill, not him. You and the rest of Leviathan’s sycophants.

10:43 am on May 21, 2012