The TSA Fails Yet Again To Protect Us from Passengers Who Could Fight Off Terrorists

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“Bungling TSA airport screeners at Orlando International Airport failed to notice a loaded handgun in a woman’s carry-on bag yesterday — and she was able to fly to New Jersey with the pistol in her purse,” begins an article in the New York Post that Mike Harris kindly forwarded to me.

Seems our sky-high Annie Oakley is “an Orlando-area firefighter” — I’m baffled that the sheeple permit Our Rulers to waste billions of their taxes on “firefighting,” and even more baffled at the PC-nonsense that hires women to drag 250-lb victims from an inferno. But what else would we expect from Leviathan? — “who is licensed to carry the gun…” She’d forgotten it was in her purse and navigated the TSA’s security circus without discovery, only remembering it mid-flight. “She didn’t tell anyone on the plane about the weapon…But when she landed at Newark Airport…, she immediately told a Port Authority police officer.” Her fellow leech “took possession of the handgun and made it safe,” according to “Port Authority police spokesman Al Della Fave.” Love it! Wonder if Barney Fife managed to “make it safe” without “accidentally firing it” a la his cohort in Philly’s airport last week. And isn’t the presumption here fascinating, that not even a licensed sponge can “safely” handle a gun unless her “work” for the State specifically allows for carrying one?

Government adores minions who “self-report,” as the Post puts it, so either that or Ms. Firefighter’s status as bloodsucker got her off the hook, with the “Essex County prosecutor…declin[ing] to prosecute.” Most forgetful passengers don’t fare nearly as well. Then again, most forgetful passengers don’t royally embarrass the TSA, since the agency catches them at the checkpoint without any “self-reporting” afterwards. Maybe Our Rulers decided to drop this case fast rather than draw more attention to it.

No matter: The TSA has again demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that it does not and cannot “protect” us from guns on planes. But of course, the idea that armed passengers threaten aviation is entirely bogus. No wonder the Feds have been selling this propaganda since the 1970’s, as I explain here.

8:28 am on October 1, 2012