The TSA: Bullying Sick Little Girls to Tears

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Apparently, our sadistic Rulers so enjoyed tormenting a girl with cerebral palsy earlier this year at New York’s JFK International that they piled on again, this time in Dallas. Shelbi Walser, who’s all of 12 years old but nonetheless in a wheelchair, “was traveling with her mother on Sunday for a trip that’s become routine. The seventh grader lives with a genetic bone disorder and was on her way to Florida for another rare medical treatment. She’s never had a problem flying, but this time Transportation Security Administration agents [sic for ‘Thieves and Sexual Assailants’] claimed she had bomb residue on her hands.”

Right. And you know what that means: The creaky, dangerous, utterly wasteful Homeland-Security Apparatus swung into gear, trying to justify its miserable existence and annual budget of $8+ billion—all at this little girl’s expense.

Shelbi, who regularly confronts phalanxes of doctors, needles, gizmos and pain, has to be fairly inured to fear. And yet this poor child broke down crying at the Assailants’ bullying. But just as her wheelchair provoked no sympathy, neither did her tears: the Assailants refused to let her mother comfort her. And they sicced a “bomb specialist” on their pitiable victim.

But here’s a most encouraging development, something I’ve not previously seen in the near-daily reports of the TSA’s depredations: “…other passengers were speaking up in support of the girl.” Yay! Let’s hope more and more folks rediscover their decency and protest the Gestapo’s preying on the weak, the helpless, the vulnerable. Intimidating healthy adults is unconscionable enough: molesting little girls travelling for treatment…well, I’ve looked up “barbaric,” “Nazi” and “inhuman” in my thesaurus but can’t find a word bad enough.

The psychopaths eventually tired of their game and released Shelbi and her mother without apology or explanation. Dare we hope that the passengers calling these nutjobs on their evil forced them to back off?

As always, the TSA’s management excused this horrific abuse: “TSA’s mission is to safely, efficiently and respectfully [HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!] screen nearly two million passengers each day at airports nationwide.” Aaaaawwwwwww. Aren’t we impressed? Let’s hear it for hard-shirking Thieves and Sexual Assailants! “We are sensitive to the concerns of passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience…”—No, clearly  you aren’t, you lying bozo—“…and we invite those individuals to provide feedback to TSA through a variety of channels.”

Unfortunately, horsewhipping and tar and feathers aren’t among those channels—yet…

(If, like me, you’ll be awake a very long time tonight, stewing and fuming over this story, you can thanks Charles Everett, who alerted me to it.)

9:44 am on December 14, 2012