The TSA: Always Respecting Our Privacy

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When its loyal lapdogs in the corporate media asked the TSA to explain away — sorry — comment on its colossally cruel strip-searching of a woman with a feeding-tube in her stomach, its spokesliar huffed, “…we respect the right to privacy of the passenger in question and will reach out directly to her…”

Yeah, right: respecting the privacy of someone its perverts humiliated and stripped of her clothing solely because she needed to fly from Dallas to Minneapolis for medical treatment. No students have more eagerly imbibed Hitler’s observations on The Big Lie than Our Rulers. And of course their Biggest Lie is that the TSA has anything whatever to do with passengers’ well-being — though, I grant them, it has everything to do with Leviathan’s.

Meanwhile, New York’s Daily News reports that, yet again, the TSA is defending its brown —I mean — blueshirts, as it does with each new atrocity: “On Thursday, the TSA issued a statement reinforcing their commitment to professionalism. But it did not express remorse for the treatment [this latest victim, Melinda] Deaton received: ‘In this specific incident, an investigation was initiated and it was determined that the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) followed standard operating procedures conducted in the presence of a Supervisor TSO.’”

Astonishing, isn’t it? Criminals are seldom so forthcoming. Yet the TSA admits, even insists, that shaming passengers and risking their lives by contaminating their feeding-tubes is SOP, just as it did with pedophilia.

9:12 am on July 20, 2012