The Truth Is Out (Yawn)

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When Bush went to war illegally, principled lovers of liberty opposed him on moral and constitutional grounds. The Bushist “right” called us nasty, smarmy, and obscene names. The Left opposed him too. The Bushist “right” called them “leftists.”

Now Obama is at War and Lo!! The Left feels right at home with ObamaWar!!! As LRC has exposed (to their ire and chagrin) for years, the Left and the Neocons, who have always been a subset of the Left, love wars, as long as THEY are running them. The Left hated Bush’s wars because they weren’t running them, but the Neocons loved BushWars because they WERE running them. Now the Left loves ObamaWars because the Left thinks Obama is running them. But he ain’t.

Now, guess why the Neocons are happy?

And guess why nobody seems to care that 17 American service-members have died in Afghanistan since Sunday?

8:43 pm on June 9, 2010