The super-basic arsenal

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In response to Karen’s question about personal gun ownership, I would just note that I’m definitely too tired and lazy to spend a lot of time researching guns, so I go with basic low-maintenance options. Laziness dictates that I use revolvers because automatics require actual maintenance and there are a lot of moving parts in those things. Revolvers require an occasional cleaning that requires minimal effort. So, a  .357 revolver has to do.

And then, of course, a standard pump-action 12-gauge shotgun is perfectly fine (and popular) for home defense. I’d prefer a low-maintenance side-by-side or over-under, but you only get two shots with those things.

That’s pretty much it outside the usual .22 rifle or small revolver that everyone in Colorado is pretty much required to own by law.

Since numerous readers over the years have called me a pantywaist and a wussy denizen of some “ivory tower,” I’ve been tempted to amass a big manly collection of stuff to show how tough I am, but in the end, I just always end up getting distracted by what’s on HGTV.

But really, you don’t ever even want to get to the point where you have an intruder in your house. Make smart use of lights, lock your doors, and don’t be a moron so that you can minimize your chances of ever having to be in a position where you’re shooting at someone. The same applies for carrying firearms. Don’t do things out in the world that might make you a good mark for some criminal nutjob, and that will be your best defense.

10:31 pm on July 26, 2009