The Strong Man Support to the State

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Looking at the State as a virus of the mind may be of some use, but the roots of it or the conditions that foster it are critical. We can ask about its epidemiology, the patterns and causes of its spread. The spread of flu virus depends, among other things, on relative humidity and temperature. Lately, there is more and more talk of unilateral presidential executive orders, such as in the area of gun control where Obama is floating the idea of unilateral action. The IDEA of a STRONG MAN, a czar and a dictator, appeals to many people, and this directly supports the STATE. Those people who become disenchanted with democracy or with Congress or with partisan politics and debates, and of course the potential czars and dictators, like this idea. Add this notion to the other supports, such as the “public good”, “nationalism”, and the communistic ideas that are in the Communist Manifesto and have already been enacted into law. The strong man concept might be invoked as an independent means of efficient government, or else as a support to the nation, or society, or the people, or the public good, i.e., as a complementary means to these. However the strong man idea is evoked, it too invades susceptible minds. This leads directly into the virus of STATISM and the STATE.

Large majorities of Americans support STATE control of guns, in the form of background checks at gun shows and a federal data base. This is a manifestation of their already being State worshippers. I’m arguing that the major support of this kind of policy preference is the idea that all Americans are one people, one nation, one public, one homeland and one union. Even the idea of 50 states has been largely suppressed. This unity idea then leads directly to the call for federal action. The political UNITY idea is very strong in American political thought, as shown by the very name of the central government, the UNITED States of America. In fact, the government’s push for American ideas and ways worldwide, which is really American Empire, is another facet of this idea of political UNITY.

1:11 pm on January 15, 2013