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It’s been since August that I last posted off topic. I hope I’m not being too hasty in slipping in another off topic post.

Cecil Adams has been answering factual questions about history, science, pop culture and basically anything since 1973, (today’s topic: Can the human eyeball be knocked out of the head?). Many of his past articles are now online at The Straight Dope. He writes with wit and truly does his homework. (I include one article below on a topic we do know something about, the 2nd Amendment, to demonstrate that he does his research well and does a fairly good job at keeping his religious/political inclinations from distorting the facts.) He fairly frequently answers questions that I’ve wondered about myself.

I recommend subscribing to the mailing list for one e-mail a week on Fridays that you will come to look forward to.

Some classic articles:

3:36 pm on April 15, 2005