The Story of a Remorseful Soldier

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Via Profatus Veritas comes the story of a solider who became a conscientious objector in his Army unit following the deaths of noncombatants:

Around five years after the last time I saw him, Wayne’s infantry unit deployed to Iraq. Having been in the Army for a couple of years already, his father reports that he was “gung-ho” about the Army life, even in a combat zone. Wayne’s unit assaulted a building thought to contain “insurgents,” and air support was called in from an AC-130 gunship. After the target was strafed from the air with 155 mm shells and 30 mm cannon-fire, the structure was cleared, and only lifeless women and children were found inside.

After returning stateside, Wayne determined that his conscience would not allow him to kill for the United States government again. Despite ridicule and worse from his “battle buddies,” Wayne, now facing another Iraq deployment, has begun openly speaking his conscience and declaring that participation in the Iraq War is participation in murder.

Obama is the people’s war president. Isn’t war so much better because he’s “our” candidate now?

1:44 pm on January 20, 2010