The ‘Stepford’ Candidate

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Members of the political establishment used to be fun to listen to and argue with, but the collapse of their system has become so much like an avalanche that they have no time for intelligent discourse. The latest example is found in Connecticut Governor Malloy’s characterizing Ron Paul as “an idiot” because of Ron’s factually-based critique of FEMA’s response — or lack thereof — to natural disasters. Lest anyone miss the height of his reasoning skills, the governor repeated the charge of “idiocy” in his interview.

What could account for the governor’s words? It then dawned on me: he is the governor of Connecticut, and I remembered the film, The Stepford Wives. In it, a woman creates a system that turns the wives of Stepford, Connecticut, into physically attractive, robotic humanoids. Toward the end of the film she is asked why she had selected this town for her experiment. She replied that she wanted her program to draw no particular attention, so that the resulting automatons would fit in without much notice. What better place to do so than Connecticut, she answered?

Has Governor Malloy found a constituency in this state?

4:06 pm on August 31, 2011