The State’s Monuments to Itself and to Its Campaigns of Mass Murder . . .

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. . . are apparently not open for business because of the government “shutdown.”  The media are hysterical about this — or pretending to be.  We can’t visit the dead bodies at Arlington!  We can’t get a government bureaucrat to guide us through Gettysburg Battlefield Park and tell us the politically-correct truth about the battle!  Oh my, what shall we do?!

Dumbest statement of the day:  One yelping  radio station jackass complained that there are thousands of American soldiers buried in Normandy, France, and there are no federal  bureaucrats to watch over them today because of the dreaded “shutdown.”  What a calamity!  I won’t get a wink of sleep tonight because of this.  And to think that I was planning  on going out to Mount Rushmore this weekend to kneel and pray to the giant head of “Father Abraham” that is carved in rock there.  I guess I’ll have to cancel the trip if the shutdown lasts until after the first snow out there.

4:21 pm on October 2, 2013