The State’s Favorite Adhesive, in Endless Supply

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David Madole watched the “pathetic video” of Upchuck Schumer “talking with the storm victim.” He “was amused by a phrase I keep hearing over and over from politicians trying to help in (i.e., capitalize on) the storm aftermath. ‘We are here to cut through the red tape,’ he says, the same thing Obama said a few days ago and countless other politicians in between. Why is it these people think they are heroes for ‘cutting through the red tape’ that they created in the first place? Why does no one seem to realize that the ‘red tape’ was always an inefficient burden, even before the storm, and why are the fixes only ever temporary?”

Michael wondered about this phenomenon as well: “…notice how [Upchuck] says ‘we’re here to break through the red tape to make sure [supplies get] here faster.’ Never does it cross anyone’s mind to never wrap red tape around society to begin with.”

Guys? Red tape is precisely why we have government. Otherwise, there’d be a real shortage of the stuff.

6:15 pm on November 3, 2012