The State Hates Independence

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The state hates independent contractors and small businesses too. DC wants everyone to be a watched and controlled employee of a mega-corporation, or of a government entity. Here we learn more about the evil health care reform, and the Obama regime: every individual and business will have to issue a 1099, complete with tax info he must gather on the other party, on every entity he does $600 or more in business with a year. That is, if you buy an iMac, you will have to issue a 1099 for Apple, copy to the IRS. For even a tiny business, this is an immense additional aggression from the government. The intention is to spy, of course, but also to crush small businesses and especially independent contractors. Focus, US sheep, on some alleged fireworks bomber in Times Square, or the Taliban in Pakistan, not on your actual enemy, the predatory octopus resident in DC.

9:11 am on May 6, 2010