The Spy State Continues To Explode

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And not in a good way. WaPo informs us that the Pentagon plans a massive overhaul of the Defense Intelligence Agency, part of a “far-reaching trend” converging the military and intelligence. “The Pentagon will send [as many as 1,600] additional spies overseas as part of an ambitious plan to assemble an espionage network that rivals the CIA in size.” “This is not a marginal adjustment for DIA,” the agency’s director, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, said, “This is a major adjustment for national security.” “The DIA overhaul — combined with the growth of the CIA since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — will create a spy network of unprecedented size.” Really, ya think? Wasn’t this spy network already unprecedented in size prior to 9/11?

9:27 am on December 2, 2012