The Soviet Story

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Today my DVD copy of The Soviet Story arrived. I had seen this outstanding documentary several years ago and now wanted a personal copy I could share with my Modern History high school students. This is one of the most powerful films which you will ever see. It tells a sordid story of which most Americans have no knowledge. You will not see this film or hear it discussed in the establishment mainstream media. The founders of modern communism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, were the first proponents of genocide. The National Socialism of Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Socialism of V. I. Lenin and Joseph Stalin were based on their ideas of systematic mass murder of peoples inconvenient to the regime. The film traces the implementation and execution of these genocidal ideas which led to the deaths of over one hundred million persons in the 20th century. Particularly shocking and revealing to many persons for the first time is the close ideological partnership of the bloody Nazi and Soviet regimes in this genocide, and the shameful complicity of FDR and Churchill and their sycophants and court historians in covering up these crimes. The Soviet Story is often gruesome and painful to view, particularly the heart-rendering testimony of surviving witnesses to the calculated slaughter of their loved ones. But this is a story that must be told and passed on to new generations. I strongly urge you to purchase a copy and share it with your family.

10:02 pm on July 26, 2011