The Smear Memo Has Gone Out

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The neocons are in a Code Red State of Alert over the fact that Ron Paul is in a dead heat with Newt “I Love Freddie Mac” (and apparently Big Macs too) Gingrich in Iowa. So they are doing what comes naturally to every neocon, namely lying about Ron’s political positions. The memo has apparently gone out to start lying about what Ron has said about 9/11. Last night Blackjack Bill Bennett told Hannity that Ron was guilty of “conspiracy theories” and was therefore not a legitmate candidate. An emailer informs me that the same lie was told on NationalNeoconReview Online. The memo has gone out. Of course, Ron has never endorsed any of the conspiracy theories, and has blamed the inherent incompetence of government bureaucracy, in addition to the fact that the FAA prohibited pilots from arming themselves in the cockpit.

Fred P. writes to predict: “If Ron wins in Iowa Bill Bennett will need emergency surgery to extract his foot from his mouth and his head from his ass.”

7:22 am on December 15, 2011