The Silent Republicans

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A judge has apparently sentenced Brandon Raub to a month in a psychiatric hospital here in Virginia without a trial. Raub criticized Obama’s police state on his Facebook page, a ThoughtCrime. You see, Dee Rybiski, an FBI spokeswoman in Richmond, says that when the agency receives “complaints,” it has to respond.

With a month in a psychiatric hospital? Ms. Rybiski, if I call you with a few well-directed complaints, will you promise to incarcerate the subjects for a month? And how can I up them for renewal?

I’ve contacted the offices of freedom-loving Republican candidates George Allen (Senate) and Bob Goodlatte (House), but so far no one there has said a word about Raub’s plight. But congratulations to the Rutherford Institute, whose executive director John Whitehead has volunteered to defend Raub. “The police state is here,” said Whitehead.

Be sure to re-read 1984, especially O’Brien’s “medicating’ of Winston in the Ministry of Love, and Cancer Ward, Solzhenitsyn’s account of the psychiatric torture that political prisoners endured under the Soviet system (essentially, the Soviet system was a cancer that was killing Russia. But it can’t happen here!).

Now, I’ve heard folks say “stay off of Facebook.” Well, forget it. Assume that the Feds already see everything you write — not only your emails and Internet activity, but everything that’s on your computer. And that goes for your telephone calls as well. Why do you think they haven’t cut you off yet?

3:32 pm on August 21, 2012