The Sign of Our Pro-War Times

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In Ithaca, NY, a house sits in the intersection of two well trafficked roads (this one, in fact, on the south-west corner of the intersection). At the edge of the property, by the road, there is a sign. For the last couple of years that sign has attacked GWB, his administration, the Republicans, Big Oil and the wars. Every few days the owner would paint something different on the sign to remind us of just how evil the Republican state really is.

I drove by yesterday for the first time since the inauguration. This time the sign was different. “Let’s help him,” it said.

Of course, I knew all along that it had always been standard pro-Democratic, left-liberal attacks on the “other side” (they are unified now) of the political spectrum. But if the Democrats are really anti-war, where is the outrage over Obama’s murders barely a few tens of hours into his reign?

As a friend said recently: “Let’s see how many anti-war protest marches there are, how big they are, how many anti-war bumper stickers there are in two years, and how vocal places like Daily Kos (or other … leftist rags) are about war. Let’s see. But as for me, I’m calling it this way right now: the majority of Americans support foreign wars, or at least are not actually anti-war. The ones who were in the last eight years were simply anti-Bush, and I think Obama is going to prove me right on this.”

Indeed, if this is the way things are going to go then J.H. Huebert is correct (and I am wrong) when Huebert says that “whatever goes wrong will not be his [Obama’s] fault, no matter what. Instead, it will be the fault of anyone who has attempted to restrain him in any way. When he fails, they will be ready and willing to give him more power — all that he says he needs.”

No principles, just politics. Death? Mass murder? Empire? Theft? Sure, so long as there is a “D” after the name.

11:59 am on January 29, 2009