The Senate throws the voters a miniscule bone

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The fact that anyone still refers to the Senate as “the worlds most deliberative body” would be hilarious if not so tragic. This bailout legislation is just the latest example of how the Senate no longer functions as a deliberative legislature, but is now simply a body designed to legitimize the administration’s agenda.

The committee system is now a joke, and if a topic is important, it always involves some kind of “omnibus” bill that for all practical purposes goes straight to the floor and is a massive piece of legislation that throws in all kinds of bribes for different constituent groups in the hope of getting votes.

The bailout bill follows this hideous tradition by throwing in some pathetic little tax breaks and an utterly meaningless FDIC provision.

If the voters are happy with begging for scraps at the table of billionaires, I suppose this bill will get more approval from the voters. I suspect that it will since begging for scraps is what American voters do these days.

10:35 pm on October 1, 2008