The search for truth should have priority

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Dear Prof. Block!

I’m a recent graduate of Mises’ and Hayek’s own alma mater and I consider myself an Austrian and an anarcho-capitalist. Owing this not to an insignificant amount to your inspiring and intellectually uncompromising work, it is with dismay that I’m following the recent difficulties you have to go through.

Now I happen to think that there is much more truth in your position in the nature-nurture-debate than in that of your adversaries; but even if I didn’t do that, it would be startling to learn that just mentioning certain books and theories could lead to allegations of sexism and racism.

Surely, in academia – in a Jesuit institution, moreover – the search for truth should have priority over possible political consequences thereof. This, and the unscholarly manner, with which you are treated, is the real scandal.

Let me assure you of my support; your plight, your fight, and your refusal to bow down before the altar of political correctness go noticed in more parts of the world than you might assume at first glance.

Very sincerely yours
Dear Dr. Block,

I have read each and every posting you have submitted on LRC covering this vile attack upon you and upon academic honesty. I will continue to do so.

When my wife & I met you at the Freedom Summit several years go, it confirmed my belief that you were an absolute credit to our people, indeed to the best of that which makes a man. You, sir ARE a Mensch. The Lamed Vav are watching your back.

I do not envy you suffering the truly vicious, putrescent attack coordinated against you. I appreciate the need for you to vigorously defend against this attack, as your reputation is a crucial asset, which cannot sacrificed in appeasing entrenched cowardice and evil. I am confident that you will drive them back under their rocks.

I do, however, confess to thoroughly enjoying your responses. The mixture of civility, firmness, and skill must drive these vermin absolutely nuts. I suspect that I speak for many, when I say that we watch this fight vicariously, hoping to see ourselves doing a fraction as well in such a noble enterprise.

Meanwhile, I anxiously await, the next parry… the next thrust. Like in the scene “The Princess Bride” when Inigo Montoya, marvels at the sword-fighting skill Wesley engages against him, I declare “You are wonderful!”


2:39 pm on January 15, 2009