The Scammer Behind the Scanner

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Bill, it is disgusting, but not surprising, to note that the driving force behind scanners — the man who mandated their manufacture and adoption by TSA, a subsidiary of DHS — is former Clinton U.S. Attorney and former Bush Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff.

Of course, it was Mr. Chertoff’s unique “expertise” at DHS that prompted the scanner’s adoption, even though he profits hugely from every scanner sold.

Joe Sobran had the unique gift of seeing things that were in the plain light of day, but totally unrecognized. Has anyone subpoenaed the bipartisan flak Chertoff and inquired after his “War on Terror” profiteering? I’m sure he’d say “I love my job” too!

Who was it that said, “Never trust the experts! They always demand that you fund their expertise — because, without that funding, they’d have to drive a truck.”


DJ writes: “As a former truck driver, I don’t think these “experts” would be capable of driving a truck. It requires skill, focus, map reading, and long-term time management. I quite frankly don’t think Chertoff is up to the task.

I think Burger King is more up his alley.”

My apologies to all truckers.


JB Writes: “As a former Burger King employee, I want to tell you that even we low-on-the-totem pole fellows are at least engaging in productive enterprise, adding value to a product which people actually want to buy, which is more than can be said for a looter like Chertoff.” And KH piles on: “That’s an insult to BK employees.”

My apologies to all fast-food workers and alumni. And a question: Is there any honest job that Chertoff is qualified to fill?

4:00 pm on November 5, 2010