The Salt of Life?

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Writes Chris Condon: “I picked up an interesting book at a local health food store, Salt Your Way to Health by Dr. David Brownstein. Brownstein’s belief is that the advice of doctors and nutritionists to avoid salt is crude and oversimplified. The doctors and nutritionists who advise people to avoid salt do not distinguish between the refined salt that most people buy at the supermarket, and sea salt, which is natural and unrefined. People are wise to avoid the refined salt, as it is generally harmful because most of the minerals have been removed and for other reasons. Doctors are right to advise people to avoid salt to the extent that they are referring to this unrefined salt. But it’s a totally different story with regard to natural sea salt. Not only is sea salt not harmful, it is highly beneficial when taken in moderation, especially since it contains many necessary minerals. The advice of doctors to avoid salt is bad advice to the extent that it refers to sea salt, which is available at health food stores and many upscale supermarkets. After reading Dr. Brownstein’s book, I threw out my refined salt and replaced it with unrefined sea salt.”

4:12 pm on July 15, 2007