The Saccharine Siren Song of Statism

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Nebulous, ill defined but deadly collectivism is alive and well.  The names of the high minded accusers may have changed but for them the enemy is still the personal, the private, the self-sustaining independent individual, driven by an absence of hive solidarity by a crude market fundamentalism, the morality of the cash nexus and economic Darwinism.  For over two hundred years the West has had to endure this insufferable bilge, first by anti-liberal British Tories and French reactionaries (the original conservatives), to whom the liberating forces of the Enlightenment, the American and French Revolutions, and particularly the Industrial Revolution, was anathema. They sought to turn the clock back to a hackneyed pre-industrial Golden Age of Absolutism, where parasitical aristocrats drained the economic lifeblood from their hosts, and throne and altar rode roughshod over subjects and serfs.  Soon this ideology of anti-civilization was co-opted by ponderous and prolix “progressives,” whether in Marxist garb or the raiment of other competing gnostic political sects.  Over a hundred million have died by their blood-stained hands but the sheer hatred and envy of these collectivists remain undaunted.  They still desperately seek to entice the willfully ignorant by their melodious and saccharine siren song.

8:13 pm on January 4, 2011