The “Ruling Class” Wedding

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As a libertarian, I really don’t care who Chelsea Clinton marries or how much her wedding costs, but I do find it interesting that the Usual Suspects have not been on the attack about the expense. When the Reagans came to Washington, Nancy Reagan had new drapes put in the White House and had other work done — which mostly came from private donations — and the press had a field day.

However, I have scoured the news sources, including the main Publication of The Ruling Class, the New York Times, but have found nothing. No catty comments from Gail Collins or Maureen Dowd, not thundering populism from Bob Herbert, nothing. No doubt, if Ron Paul were putting on such an extravaganza for one of his children, the press would be all over him, but Dr. Paul is not a card-carrying member of The Ruling Class.

Lest anyone doubt Bob Higgs’s recent article about Our Betters, keep in mind that Bill and Hillary’s new son-in-law works with a hedge fund on Wall Street, which ordinarily would bring heaps of scorn, but the accounts in the NYT are breathless with excitement, as Really Important and Famous People Are Coming! Since he is the son of a former Democratic congressman, however, Marc Mezvinsky has all of the proper credentials needed for inclusion in the club.

4:08 pm on July 31, 2010