The Ron Paul RNC Tribute Video

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Thanks to the Economic Policy Journal for first posting the RNC’s video tribute to Ron Paul.

As many of us expected, what is missing from this video tribute is only the main theme Dr. Paul has repeatedly, speech by speech, every time he opens his mouth, driven home to anyone who would listen (and ask his multitude of young followers whether they appreciate and listen): The antiwar theme of peace and prosperity. The principle of non-interventionism. The golden rule.

Anyone who does not understand that Ron Paul above all stands for peace and prosperity through the avoidance of an immoral, destructive, and impoverishing interventionist foreign policy honestly has no clue about the very core of this man.

He has been a voice crying in the wilderness for decades on this one precise point. And that the RNC chooses to ignore the core of this man’s beliefs is but a condensation of the lies and mendacity we have seen on their part over this entire campaign, culminating in the blatant theft that would make a third world dictator blush — or flush with envy. We do not need the RNC whitewash of Ron Paul. We know and will continue to follow the REAL Ron Paul! Our hero.

7:43 pm on August 29, 2012