The Ron Paul Revolution: a Report From the Front

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Writes Nick Bradley: “For the record, I have to say that Ron Paul was absolutely amazing on the Colbert Report. He showed his sense of humor when raising his hand like a schoolkid to eliminate government. Priceless!

“More importantly, he extolled the virtues of liberty ins short, bumper-sticker length phrases. ‘I’d rather be free and alive’ is already percolating through the blogosphere.

“On another note, I went to my first group here in Omaha tonight. We had more than 40 people, which was much larger than expected. It was a very diverse bunch: a Cuban emigre with a ‘collectivism is slavery’ shirt, a couple of anarchists (‘red circle’ anarchists), more than a dozen folks from the financial sector (one said that he supports Ron Paul because he is the only one who foresees the coming ‘G.E.M.’, or global economic meltdown), a few people there concerned with civil liberties and the REAL ID Act, a pastor for Christian conservatives and home-schoolers who is an avid Austrian (we discussed Austrian economics at length) who believes only Ron Paul follows biblical law, a few seniors, about a half-dozen finance major from UN-Omaha, some senior citizens, a few anti-illegal immigration activists, two home-schoolers, a couple of minors, and one guy with a ‘Christian Cannabis Club’ T-shirt who said ‘I’m just tired of the Bulls****’.

“The man from Cuba recognized my name from the article I wrote (my only article) this week, and when he mentioned it about 10 people in the group said they saw it and read often. One guy said he discovered our strain of libertarianism through podcasts. Afterwards the guy with the shirt and I discussed H.H. Hoppe, ‘Red Dawn’, Murray Rothbard, and ‘Hayek the welfare statist’.

“The Ron Paul Revolution is spreading.”

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8:17 am on June 14, 2007