The Ron Paul Legacy

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In a speech in Pennsylvania, Ron says that although he didn’t coin the word “revolution” to describe what he was all about, he came to embrace it. He goes on to say that he was motivated to scratch down a lot of notes during the campaign. And so, he says, he has a new book coming out. “It’s not a big book, but it’s called The Revolution: A Manifesto.” [Big cheer.] He then says — and this is where the video unfortunately cuts out — that he’d like to have a real blast to promote the book for its launch date on April 30.

The launch date is the official date when publicity begins for the book, and when sales start to count for the bestseller lists. But the book will be in stores this week, possibly as early as Wednesday. Buy it. Read it. Recommend it. Give it to the people you care most about.

12:06 pm on April 7, 2008