The Ron Paul Generation

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Writes Fr. Seraphim Bell: “I took my 17 yr. old son to see the movie sequel ‘National Treasure’ today. After the movie his first comments to his mother and me were how disgusted he was with the pro-Lincoln comments. He explained to his mother how Lincoln actually violated the constitution in numerous ways and set us up for the Bush regime violations of today. She was amazed at his knowledge on these issues. He meets daily with about six other 17 and 18 yr. olds just to hang out, play their video games, etc., but during the course of all this, their daily discussions and debates are on the economy, the constitution, Lincoln, liberty, and rights. These are not an exceptional group of high school students. They are not the intellectuals, the geeks. Just normal teenagers, but they have been enlightened because of the Ron Paul campaign and the articles on the LRC website. Much of their time is spent discussing various articles they’ve found on the LRC site and others like it. I’m sure this is being duplicated across America. Imagine what that means for the good of our country and the future of us all.”

10:18 pm on January 3, 2008