The Ron Paul Channel: libertarianism ‘unfiltered and uninterrupted’

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The Guardian has a pretty good piece on the new Ron Paul Channel just as the show has wrapped up its first broadcasting week.

The paper cites Dr. Paul’s response to an email interview in which he explains why he decided to start his own channel:

“There is no space for people to have a real discussion about the Fed or drone strikes abroad or the pharmaceutical industry, let alone how our freedoms are being infringed upon by big government,” he said. “These are issues that affect Americans daily and this channel aims to address that directly.”

The Guardian correctly observes that:

[T]he show is less news channel, more format-for-Paul-to-broadcast-his-ideas-and-beliefs, like a video version of a talk radio show. That is is unlikely to bother viewers, however… The former congressman’s army of devoted followers was well documented during his presidential run, and it is likely those who will be willing to stump up the money.

A peace army! Let it grow!

Each episode is like a look behind the curtain at what is really happening and what it means. It is educational and engaging — far from the boring regurgitation of the usual “news” headlines by hired drones.

About Dr. Paul’s post-Congress life, which his opponents hoped would include only quiet and secluded walks in the swamplands of southeast Texas, the Guardian gives us a better idea:

“I’m busier than ever,” Paul said in an email interview. “With the channel and my new book about homeschooling.” He is also working to continue to encourage those young supporters, speaking on college campuses around the country, and working with the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

There is much to like about the Guardian newspaper. After all it is the home of journalist Glenn Greenwald. And this entertaining and informative article about the Ron Paul Channel does not disappoint. The bottom line is that this is a unique program unavailable anywhere else. It is worth supporting — and it is great fun to watch.

12:33 am on August 17, 2013