The Rodent Repellant That Didn’t Work

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A couple who packed “rodent repellant” in their checked bags discovered it was ineffective when the TSA’s thugs rifled their belongings anyway. But this time, the rats paid for their unconstitutional nosiness: four of them wound up at a hospital “complaining of eye and throat problems or headaches.”

In addition to proving the repellent’s faultiness, this incident also points out yet again what malingerers the TSA employs. The “chemical” that supposedly sickened the goons “was determined to be camphor.” Yep: the same stuff used medicinally in “camphorated rubs” to relieve such symptoms of colds as … “throat problems.” And your great-grandmother, like mine, may have rubbed camphor on her temples to soothe — you guessed it — headaches.

What happened to the “terrorists” who disabled our fearless Warriors on Terror? Though the TSA nowhere prohibits camphor or “rodent repellant” from luggage, “State Police” nonetheless “[went] through the bag trying to figure out what happened” while the owners “were questioned but not charged.”

Why does any free person still subject himself to the TSA’s vagaries and atrocities? As you value your life and liberty, don’t fly.

8:21 am on March 27, 2012