The Risible Regulatory State

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No detail of our lives is too picayune for Our Rulers to superintend. That includes the use of our cell phones aloft, in the decidedly unfriendly skies.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering proposed rules that could enable cell phone conversations on commercial airlines…” Uh-oh. The FCC’s despots are dangerously close to stepping on the Department of Transportation’s toes. Which prompted the DOTty dictators to “explore prohibiting voice communications on commercial airlines.”

But what’s a brawl between bureaucrats without senatorial interference? Jumping into the fray are two of that body’s sorriest, Lamar Alexander [R-TN] and Dianne Feinstein [D-CA]. They wrote the “Department of Transportation in favor of prohibiting cell phone conversations on commercial airline flights…”

I guess allowing airlines to decide on a policy for themselves would just be too much freedom in the ole USSA.

Be sure to catch the senators’ letter for their opinion of us, the chumps footing their bills. We cause “entirely avoidable aggravation,” “create a possibly hostile atmosphere” on planes, “force” the “crew … to place themselves in harm’s way to disrupt physical or verbal altercations between” us, engage in “senseless disputes” — in short, we are snot-nosed toddlers in desperate need of Big Daddy Government’s maturity and discipline.

9:11 am on March 7, 2014