The Revolution Turns Out in Maine

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From the top Maine political site:

Paul Brings New Faces to Maine Caucuses
By Jessica Alaimo

Networking among the who’s-who atmosphere of “The Maine Event” in Portland, where Republicans gathered after the caucus, were two high school students.

Carrie Paul, 18, and Haley Gallant, 17, both of Manchester, had never been involved in politics before, and had a stereotypical vision of the Republican Party as being a bunch of pro-war President Bush supporters.

Then a friend told them about Ron Paul. They became just two of the many Maine residents who had never been engaged in politics before finding Paul, and two of the many who spoke on the Texas congressman’s behalf Saturday.

The two didn’t stop at voting for Paul, they decided to engage themselves in the party. Gallant was elected chairwoman of the Manchester state delegates, and both volunteered for the Republican City Committee.

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8:00 pm on February 3, 2008