The Revolution Continues

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Here is a mass email that arrived in my in-box:

Subject: “The Shaving Challenge and Shaving Cream Scam”

Content: Well I have tested my hypothesis for only 2 shaves so far, with the last one after 3 days’ growth. It’s already time to call this experiment a success! Try it yourself too!Bottom Line: Less time, less money, closer shave, same irritation from razor as with shaving cream

Call my hypothesis as outlined below now a theory … shaving without the cream or gel works better than shaving with a cream or gel!

One person on this list commented to me that he has already not been using shaving cream for years with excellent results.

You do get a closer shave. I figure that without the cream or gel, the blades have to lift the hair more rather than dig into the skin softened by the cream or gel. Shaving without cream or gel feels weird the first time. I would recommend putting oil on the areas to be shaved. However, the cuts are the same as with shaving cream. We will see if the blades actually last me more than 3 shaves too!

And of course, you still put on the aftershave and/or lotion. You can use just cheaper rubbing or other alcohol just fine, but alcohol alone will dry your skin.

Check the ingredients on your can of shaving cream. The first one will be water, and if it is a high quality brand, it will have mineral oil and/or glycerin too. The rest of the stuff are just a bunch of chemicals, fragrances, and colours. So basically, shaving cream is nothing more than mass-marketed overpriced soap!

So … you come to Las Vegas, and you will receive, in addition to other more valuable parting gifts, two cans of shaving gel from me assuming you are still using it!

I can conclude nothing other based on my experience that the whole shaving cream deal is a racket to which I have unwittingly contributed since I was 17 years old!

9:47 am on April 28, 2006