The Reichstag Fire Was NOT a Nazi False Flag Operation

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As much as I admire the work that Jesse Ventura is doing uncovering evidence of U.S. government conspiracies, he unfortunately repeats a “History is written by the winners” myth that has been around since Bankster War II. Today’s posted a recent interview that Jesse did with The Daily Bell. In Jesse’s own words:

“Likewise the Reichstag Fire in Germany in the 1930s. They burned down the congressional building and blamed it on the Communists, which set the stage for war. It turned out that the Nazi’s had done it themselves.”

This is not true. But don’t take my lunatic fringe word for it. Here’s the word from one of the greatest living Austrian economists and historians, David Gordon:

“This of course changed when Hitler used the crisis brought about by the burning of the Reichstag building to secure passage of the Enabling Bill, giving him dictatorial powers. (Contrary to a popular belief, the Nazis did not start the fire themselves. See on this Fritz Tobias, The Reichstag Fire, Putnam, 1964.)”

What happened was that when the Nazis first learned of the fire, they assumed that it was carried out by the Communists and, therefore, that it would be a great piece of political propaganda to use to go after the Communists. When they later learned that it was a lone arsonist, they decided to ignore the truth and still claim the Communists were behind the fire. And that is the lie about the Reichstag Fire—not that it was a False Flag operation carried out by the Nazis.

12:08 am on April 12, 2011